10 Proven Holiday Travel Tips

The holiday season is approaching and traveling will rump up in a few months. Whether visiting your family or taking a business trip, a perfect holiday will give you a much-needed relaxation.

Traveling during holidays can be expensive, busy, or even stressful. But, there are always affordable travel deals as long as you plan and shop carefully. Discover ten excellent holiday tips to avoid stress during your holiday trip.

1. Avoid Peak Travel Days

airport-muna travel03

This is usually easier said than done. If possible avoid peak travel days such as the day before Thanksgiving or the Sunday after. On these dates, not only will you save time but also flight charges.

During Christmas and New Year eve, travel dates change depending on the day the holidays fall. Also, consider traveling on the days that allows you to maximize long weekends without taking too many days off work.

Additionally, use websites that allows  you to plan flexible traveling dates. These websites will also show you the date combinations with the best deals the best deals.

2. Shop Around

virgin- muna 03

Whether using travel booking sites such as Kayak or Expedia, comparison shopping has been made easier. You can research online to know the available options.

For many travelers, finding cheap flights is not the only or the most critical factor. The ‘airports and search adjacent days’ features on many airlines may also improve travel time and flight charges.

3. Check-In Online

Queues in the airports are usually insane during peak travel seasons. It’s due to many inexperienced travelers as they try to check-in or check with the security.

It’ll save you time if you could check-in your flights online then print your boarding pass. Even when you have luggage to check, you can still carry your boarding pass to the bag drop section at the airport.

4. Prepare Early


One thing I have learned about traveling is that doing everything the last minutes is a sure way to add stress during your trip. Start preparing early!

Get the clothes washed, empty suitcases from the last trip, or ensure your cargo is ready for winter travels. All the things you know you need to prepare, choose a day before your travel date and work on them. It will make the night beforehand or the day of your travel less stressful.

Additionally, arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight. The chances are that security queues are likely to be massive and it’s safer to have extra time than rushing and missing your flight.

5. Plot Connections Carefully

When booking flight tickets, check on the website for enough time during layovers. Create a time allowance for flight delays or weather woes. Winter peak travel days often have travel delays. Avoiding tight connections or schedules can also reduce frustrations in the airports.

6. Pack Wisely

In the past, one would put almost everything in their carry-on without a strict checkup. But, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has set rules about gels and liquids on flights.

You’re only required to bring liquids or gels in 3-4 ounces. The items also need to be packed in a single, quart-size, zip top, clear plastic bags. You’ll only be allowed to buy water or coffee after you pass the security screening.

If you wish to carry more than 4 ounces of gel, you will have to pack it in the luggage. When packing, also remember that many airlines are charging fees on checking bags. Trim your luggage with the most excellent carry-on challenge.

7. Take Advantage of Shortcuts

muna xmax gift

There’s a self-service development in many airlines aiming at saving time and costs during peak travel days. For instance, you can print your boarding pass or keep it on your smartphone before going to the airport.

Also, if you buy your gifts online, you can have them shipped to your destination. Doing so will reduce your luggage, save costs, and risks of the items getting lost.

8. Travel Early or Late in the Day

As a common trend, airports are usually less congested when many people are at their homes or asleep. Delays are less likely to occur in the morning and after evenings.

9. Join a Trusted Traveler Program

Frequent travelers understand the importance of joining trusted traveler programs. For instance, TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry will allow their members expedited security screening. Airports will also have separate queues for these members. Here you’ll be able to save time and board your flight quickly.

10. Be Patient and Understanding

Finally, be patient and understanding during your trip. It’s not the airport staff’s faults that your flight got canceled or delayed. Many people are traveling, including those not familiar with airport rules. Try not to get aggravated at everyone. Relax as everybody’s aim is the same. Getting to their family or destinations quickly and safely.

With the above tips, I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season. Always follow these guidelines whenever you’re planning for a vacation or business trip. December and June are my favorite travel months of the year due to many celebrations all over the world.


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